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Oh my God, Kubla, you can鈥檛 just *decree* a stately pleasure-dome.

you know, when you look back at all of recorded human history, people keep getting things wrong over and over again about literally everything. but i've looked at the empirical evidence, and it looks to me like our current set of beliefs about the way things are is the correct one

programming is like a detective novel where idk maybe google "body no head who is murderer" and see if stack overflow turns up any clues

the legal system is basically just lawyers playing magic the gathering against each other

@blankbaby It鈥檚 not as much of a thing as the other thing, but it鈥檚 a thing.

everything runs on computers, therefore i am an expert in everything -the actual thought process of big brained computer nerds

Always the bridesmaid, never the APT with Super Cow Powers

proposal for compiler warning levels:
路 You can do that.
路 You can probably do that.
路 You shouldn't do that.
路 You really, really should not do that.
路 I'm not letting you do that.
路 You actually can't do that.

Checking out the "intrinsicsize" spec and it seems really reasonable. It allows you to specify the intrinsic width/height for an image/video element; no need to wait for it to download and thus potentially cause janky page reflows.

"Why just image and video? These are the only elements in [the HTML spec] that size to an external resource." <-- I always found this weird. An <img> has to download the PNG/JPEG before it can figure out how big it should be!

if non-relational key-value store databases are so good, why don't they have a sequel

My ability to take in audio entertainment declines exponentially with sleep, as illustrated here:

10 hours - Stravinsky鈥檚 Rite of Spring
8 hours - Sapiens audiobook
6 hours - Your Favorite Coffeehouse playlist
< 6 hours - Despacito on repeat

Sometimes low-tech is a cooler solution than high-tech.

This sensor device detects if your package was handled roughly during transport: no electronics, just clever engineering.

When I make a command-line utility I tend to leave the extension off of the filename: copy_xattrs instead of copy_xattrs.zsh, for example. That gives me the option later to swap a shell script for a Python script (or a Python script for an executable, or whatever) without renaming the file. Ideally, this also means that I wouldn鈥檛 need to change any of the programs that call the utility.

Grandma, you really should compile your own operating system from scratch and secure everything against even the most complex attacks and stop using Facebook to talk to your family, you want freedom don't you?

me writing programming tools: we need to make it easier to code! liberate the code! make it accessible to all!

me debugging someone else's code: you should need to train for 10 years before you can even touch a text editor, and we need a central guild body that randomly audits members, and if your code quality is bad enough you are immediately executed

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