@GeoffWozniak Allegedly, the reason for the inconsistent naming of PHP’s library functions is that the functions were stored in a hash table whose hashing algorithm was… strlen. i-programmer.info/news/98-lang

As expected, Trump walked into the turkey pardoning and pardoned Saudi Arabia instead.

I know we’re not supposed to have a lot of exceptions to the First Amendment, but should people really be allowed to put “Flour” in the name of their gluten-free bakeries?

@labrarian Congratulations! I haven’t been reading for all that long, relatively speaking, but yours is one of the most consistently interesting blogs I read.

“The shame over an incident like Baraboo’s shouldn’t be merely over the fact that it happened. It should be felt over the fact that when it happens, we pretend like nobody could have seen it coming.” — Monica Hesse in The Washington Post washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/s

Romulan Ale is illegal in the Federation, sir, and I never slice!

the most statistically normal person lives in a normal house, earns a normal wage, and drives a normal car. they are most likely to be named Nornald and are marrried to someone who is also named Nornald. they have 2.715 children, who are called Nornald, Norna and Nornald

I thought the race for director of the Marin Municipal Water District was going to be the most boring one on the ballot, but one candidate is promising “tasty water” and the other supports “expanded use of goats.” I don’t know what to think!

“What’s this?!” Jack Skellington shouts, increasingly frustrated by JavaScript’s binding rules

Sometimes I feel contempt for the people on Stack Overflow who say, “I don’t care what’s going on or what the underlying problem is; just tell me how to make this work!”

Then I start having Xcode problems…

[Me, sobbing] You can't just call whatever you see a file, Linux.

[Linux, points at hard drive] /dev/sda

[Me] Please, no

[Linux, points at controller] /dev/input/js0

[Linux, points at the ever present void, just at the edge of our vision that we all try so hard to ignore] /̵͉͒̈d̸͍̙̯͝e̶͔͗v̷͒̏̚͜/̸̺̝͆ṅ̸̫u̴̟̓̍͘l̶̦̣̃̃͝l̷͚̩̋

In his review of the iPhone XR Austin Mann writes, “The iPhone XR and XS have the same wide angle lens, a 26mm f/1.8 lens. The iPhone XR uses this 26mm f/1.8 lens for portraits and the iPhone XS uses its telephoto lens (51mm f/2.4) for portraits.”

It makes perfect sense to give the focal lengths in 35 mm–equivalent terms, but you need to convert the apertures too for an honest comparison. These cameras are 26 mm f/11 and 52 mm f/21.

@mathowie There’s an extension for Firefox called Tree Style Tab that will display your tabs hierarchically, so that you can see which tabs were opened from which other tabs. Of course, this only provides the information you’re after if the tab with the original link is still open.

Looks like there’s a similar thing, Sidewise Tree Style Tabs, for Chrome, but it shows the tree in a separate window.

@mathowie I wish Instapaper had this feature, too. So often I’ll save a link that someone tweets, but I won’t read the article for months and then I’ll have forgotten whether I’m supposed to agree with the article or hate the author’s guts or what 😅

I don't like the person Youtube recommendations think I am.

you can comb a hairy donut but you can’t tuna fish

In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

It never occurred to me as I was watching Star Trek as a kid, but the computer on the show wasn’t an IBM computer or a Weyland-Yutani computer or an Apple computer. It was just “the computer.”

I think the idea that we didn’t need for-profit corporations to make all that amazing technology was a subtle but meaningful bit of world-building.

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